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Interstellar Explorers Guild
NX-01 Annex - Page 5

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room

wannajoin.wav...Trip "Wanna join me"? "I could use the company."

greentea.wav...TPol "Green".



pecanpie.wav...Trip "Chef made a pecan pie, and suddenly my life brightened."

goodforsoul.wav...Trip "May not be good for the body, but it sure is good for the soul."


peacefulsolution.wav...Archer "I'd like to find a peaceful solution too, but I don't think that's gonna happen".

vanik.wav...Archer "If Vanik is the kind of guy who likes to watch...let him."



questionloyalty.wav...TPol asks Archer if he questions her loyalty".

littletoooften.wav...Archer "I'm starting to get the feeling they're looking over our shoulder a little too often."



violencemighthelp.wav...TPol explains to Archer that Vulcans do not believe that you should respond to violence with violence.

lurkingaround.wav...Archer "This isn't the first time we've caught them lurking around."



tensionshigh.wav...TPol "Tensions between Andoria and Vulcan are high. Any casualties would only make matters worse".

youfreezing.wav...Archer There's room in here. I'm fine.....the cold is preferable to the odor".



pageturner.wav...Trip "Must be a real page turner."

youallright.wav...Trip "You all right?" TPol "I'm fine Commander.... good night". Trip "Sweet dreams."

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Commodore's Ready Room