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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 Annex - Page 6

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

hoshithx.wav...Hoshi saying "thanks".




encrypted.wav...Trip detects a power surge in the transceiver array. Hoshi tells him it looks like an encrypted transmission.


poop.wav...Trip "A poop question sir!"

stayput.wav...Archer wants Trip and Hoshi to help him answer fourth grade questions from back home.


fourthgrade.wav...Archer's greeting and thank you to the fourth grade class from back home.



whatdoyoueat.wav...Archer answers a fourth grader's question!


isdatingallowed.wav...Archer answers the fourth grader's question on dating.

lookatstars.wav...Archer "If two crew members decide they really like each other there are alot of places they can go to look at the stars."

universaltranslator.wav...Hoshi answers a fourth grader's question about communicating with aliens.



flushtoilet.wav...A fourth grader asks "when you flush the toilet where does it go?'.

includeswaste.wav...Trip "We recycle nearly everything on a starship and that includes waste".


sanitationengineer.wav...Trip "They're gonna think I'm the sanitation engineer". Archer "You're doing fine".

younameit.wav...Trip "So the waste is broken down into little name it."

veryenlightening.wav...Archer "Very enlightening, Commander".


germsinspace.wav...Fourth grade question is, "Can germs live in space".

germs.wav...Dr. Phlox sounds so excited when he answers the fourth grader's question about germs in space.

beingonenterprise.wav...Archer "That's what's so exciting about being on Enteprise. You never know what you're gonna find next."

missearth.wav...Archer "We miss Earth, but hearing from you makes us all feel a little closer to home. Captain Archer, out."

sculptor.wav...The away team is being observed...sculpting a snowman!


itsinvulcan.wav...Trip and Hoshi talk about the Vulcan encrypted transmission that TPol receives.

didntreadit.wav...Trip "you didn't read it"? Hoshi "I didn't feel it would be right".

verypersonal.wav...Trip explains to Archer that the transmission that he translated that was sent to TPol was very private.


tripsnooping.wav...Archer and Trip wonder why the Vulcans had to encrypt a personal transmission.

cookiejar.wav...Trip "I feel like I got caught with my hand in the cookie jar".


notproudof.wav...Trip "Did you ever do anything totally by mistake that you weren't very proud of"? TPol "No".

readletters.wav...TPol tells Trip she has more letter in her quarters and asks if he would like to read those too.

anyidea.wav...Trip to TPol "Do you have any idea how suspicious that looked?"

iwontipromise.wav...TPol asks Trip if anyone else has read her personal letter. He tells her know and promises he will not mention the letter to anyone else.


makehimgoaway.wav...Archer to TPol "Just help me make him go away".

troublingyou.wav...Phlox "Would you like to talk about what's troubling you"? TPol "No".

talkingwith.wav...Phlox to TPol "I don't know if there's anyone on this ship that you would feel comfortable talking with".