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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 Annex - Page 9

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room

2hrsback.wav...Reed wishes he hadn't wasted his two hours watching the show onboard.

breakwithtradition.wav...Transport crewmembers are guests of the Enterprise... exchanging hospitalities and traditions.

werebeimngscanned.wav...TPol "We're being scanned..."



takethechair.wav...Mayweather is not ready to sit in the big chair just yet.

targetsensors.wav...Reed..."Starboard targeting sensors are out again......"


nightofkillerandroids.wav...Travis and Hoshi talk about the lack of entertainment onboard.


dinnerandashow.wav...Trip and Archer talk about how Trip missed dinner....TPol used chopsticks.

stellarnursery.wav...Archer explains to crewman Dnaiels that the course has changed to observe a stellar nursery with detected ships inside.



cheftopreparesomething.wav...Archer "It looks like we may be having guests. Tell Chef to prepare ...something."

nicetalkingtou.wav...Archer makes all attempts at proper first contact, but to no avail.



aboutmalcolm.wav...Archer and Trip talk about how little they know about Malcolm and how Malcolm's parents did not know his favorite food.

ballofhydrogen.wav...Archer makes first contact with the Captain of the transport vessel. - A LONG ONE



yourtimetowaste.wav...Archer and TPol would like to observe the phenomenon. Transport vessel Captain says "it's your time to waste".



welcomeaboard.wav...Archer welcomes the crew of the transport vessel aboard Enterprise.



prefertostay.wav...Archer extends invitation to Captain and crew of transport to come aboard Enterprise. Transport Captain prefers to remain with his ship, but extends welcome to his other crew.