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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 Annex - Page 10

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room


helpdaniels.wav...Archer wants his crew to help Daniels against the temporal war.



approachprotostar.wav....Enterprise approaches!!

wasntmesir.wav...Archer complements Trip for saving the ship but Trip says "It wasn't me, Sir".

cuttourshort.wav....Looks like Archer has to cut the tour short when the Enterprise begins to have system wide problems.

togonext.wav...Phlox finishes one physical exam and then asks who wants to go next.


alreadyonit.wav...Discussion about going around the plasma storm.

aboutweather.wav...Archer makes a joke when he knows the transport vessel captain is hailing him.

noproblemsince.wav...The crew explains how they were able to correct a ship's problem, while they continue their tour.

seeforyourself...Trip is gonna bring of the schematic of the reactor assembly.


warpfieldtheorist.wav...One of the tourists is a specialist it seems.

runsonantimatter.wav...Trip..."it runs on antimatter".

bridgelooksdiff.wav...Mayweather and Hoshi discuss how different the bridge looks when you are in charge!

firedtrp.wav...Travis asks Hoshi if Reed would mind if fired off a torpedo.

sorrysir.wav...Well Reed returns to bridge to find Mayweather at TAC hahaha.