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Interstellar Explorers Guild
NX-01 Annex - Page 11

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

expectfullreport.wav...Phlox is gonna spend time with the Pilgrims. Archer tells him he expects a full report.

hope2cu.wav...Archer saying hope to see you.



tuck2arch.wav...Tucker calls Archer to Main Engineering.

whatisittripp.wav...Archer "What is it Tripp?"



reachreactor.wav...Tripp explains to Archer about the cascade.

greatplume.wav...Tripp explains that if someone hadn't prevented it from happening the Enterprise would surely have blown up.

saidsomething.wav...Tripp knows it wasn't one of his engineers.



pilgrims.wav...Ensign Daniels has reason to believe that one of the visiting Pilgrims is Suliban.

onheelix.wav...Daniels seems to know alot about what has been happening with Archer and the Suliban.



whatidid.wav...Archer is becoming suspicious of Daniels.

understandbetter.wav...Archer and Daniels are gonna talk in Daniels quarters not in the Captain's Ready Room.



starfleetissue.wav...Archer notices that some of the equipment in Daniels' quarters is not Starfleet issue.

greatdealmore.wav...Daniels tells Archer he knows a great deal more about the temporal cold war than he does.

doesnotexist.wav...Daniels wants Archer to believe that the organization he works for does not exist yet... not for 900 years.


tcwisabout.wav...Archer and Daniels discuss what the temporal cold war is about!!

humanmoreorless.wav...Archer asks Daniels if he is human. Daniels (an alien from 900 years in the future) answers "more or less".

somethingisaid.wav...Once again a new contact ignores us.



contacthome.wav...The Enterprise crew is excited over the prospect of being able to call home.

gifthorse.wav...The Enterprise crew discuss the validity of the Suliban receiving their powers from the future...and to be cautious with Daniels.



norcanitexist.wav...The Vulcan Science Council discounts the validity of time travel, according to T'Pol.

oneofyourstaff.wav...Trip tells Archer no one of his staff made the ship's repairs.



temporalobservatory.wav...Daniels shows Archer how they keep an eye on things from the future. He shows him the temporal observatory.

chaostheory.wav...A crewmen from the transporter vessel says of his messy quarters...."...sometimes I think my roommate majored in the chaos theory."


scrambledeggs.wav...Archer doubts he should trust Daniels. Daniels has always made Archer's scrambled eggs perfectly.


fewerthebetter.wav...Archer "If I decide to help you we can't do it alone... I have to inform some of my crew." Daniels "The fewer the better."

itisimperative.wav...Daniels implores Archer to find out why the Suliban are being controlled and what the future race is trying to do.


onthehelix.wav...Archer to Daniels...." the hell do YOU know what I did on the Helix?"


ivenoticed.wav...Daniels and Archer discuss how the Suliban have the technology to evade detection.

greatdealmorethanu.wav...Archer notices that Daniels does not have Starfleet issue materials. Daniels assures Archer he knows "a great deal more than" Archer does about the future.

coemdowntoeng.wav...Tucker "Tucker to Captain Archer, can you come down to Engineering for a minute?..."

shipwouldhavegoneup.wav...Trip further explains how the ship should have blown up!