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Enterprise NX-01 - Commodore's Ready Room Annex

I had so many "Enterprise" pics and wavs to share with you that I needed to borrow some extra space. Just right click to save files to your own computer.

earsnice.wav...Mayweather and Reed talking about the snowman "The ears are a nice touch".

talktodog.wav...Archer "...I have a similar one (habit), I talk to my dog."

chargesset.wav...Reed "Reed to Enterprise... charges are set".



blstaway.wav...Archer to Reed "Blast away".

blastaway.wav...Sound of the blasting of the comet.



wellarmed.wav...Trip "He's telling the truth, we came for a visit... that's all." Shran "We scanned your ship in orbit. You're very well armed for people who came for a visit."

farmorethan.wav...Shran "You and the pink skins have proven what we already knew. This is far more than a sanctuary."



shranpunch.wav...Archer to Andorian "Now if you don't mind my asking, what are you doing here?" Then Shran punches him.

vulcansciofficer.wav...Archer "She's my Science officer." Shran "So you admit you're working with the Vulcans." Archer "I'll admit I have a Vulcan Science officer."



supplyship.wav...Shran "What's your mission? Are you a supply ship bringing them more surveillance equipment?"

alongcourse.wav...Archer "This planet was along our course. We only came to visit the sanctuary". Shran "Liar".



pinkskin.wav...Shran "Answer me, pink skin."

whatisearth.wav...Shran "Earth, what is that?" Archer "It's our's where we're from."


antennae.wav...Andorian "Stop looking at me." Trip "OK, don't get your antennas in a twist."


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Commodore's Ready Room