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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 Annex - Page 7

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

howsravioli.wav...Hoshi joins Malcolm in the mess hall for something to eat.



next10yrs.wav...Hoshi tells Archer that it would take her ten years to study the languages on this planet.


warpsystemclassified.wav...Archer, Trip and the Vulcan Captain talk about the Vulcan ship.




inexparrogance.wav...Vulcan Captain "Your inexperience and your arrogance are your enemies, not us."

spyingonus.wav...Archer "Well, where does the time long do you plan on spying on us?"

detectedpresence.wav...Vulcan Captain "If we were spying, Captain, you would never have detected our presence."


heldmuchinterest.wav...Vulcan Captain and Archer are talking. Vulcan Captain "...humans have never held much interest for me."

alwaysvulcanship.wav...Archer "For people who claim to not be explorers, you sure do get around.....nice to know that no matter how big the universe is, there's always a Vulcan ship nearby."

alreadyeaten.wav...Vulcan Captain "I've already eaten". Trip "I hope you saved room for dessert."


easilyimpressed.wav...Archer talks about the Vulcan environmental suits and his first space walk.

ownsenses.wav...Archer ...a probe could have been sent but Enterprise was instead.


symmetry.wav...Mayweather "Impressive". Reed "I was hoping for a little more symmetry."

nameofspecies.wav...Hoshi talks to Archer about remembering the name of the species.