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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 Annex - Page 15

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

ut.wav...Archer and Trip are listening to what they believe is Klingon.

wakingone.wav...The away team is trying to read the Klingon consoles and joke about waking one up for help.



theykillus.wav...TPol explains to Reed and Hoshi that if the Klingon find them on board their vessel they will kill them.

theyareklingon.wav...TPol also explains that it is not smart to try to save the dying Klingons. To die at their posts is honorable.



takeentdown.wav...Archer and Mayweather have a conversation. Bottom line: polarize the hull...they are taking Enterprise down.


podtakingoff.wav...Hoshi "What's that?" TPol "It's our shuttle pod taking off."


pursuitcourse.wav...Archer "Set a pursuit course... get the grappler on line."


openspace.wav...Shuttle Pod 1 is heading into open space.

nootherchoice.wav...The away team knows that Klingons do not keep escape pods so they better try to get this ship running.



hoshicertain.wav...Hoshi "I'm certain."

containment.wav...Longer version of the Hoshi being certain she is reading the console that says containment.

allaboutweapons.wav...This is long but funny. Reed gets so excited when Hoshi translates the weapons onboard the Klingon vessel.