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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 - Page 18

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

homeworkuse.wav...Trip teases Archer about using his newly acquired Klingon knowledge.

againstcrew.wav...Phlox has developed an anti toxin t o save the Klingons.

cureme.wav...BukaH believes that this curing is a trick.

z-ale.wav...Phlox traces the toxin to an alcoholic beverage the Klingons consumed.

tookwhatwanted.wav...Like Pirates, the Klingons took what they wanted and wound up poisoned.

takeasyes.wav...Archer asks BukaH if her entire crew drank the ale. She explains the triumph belonged to all.

istrick.wav...BukaH is just hard to convince.

livewiththat.wav...Archer calls her bluff. BukaH will cooperate.

nexttime.wav...The away team decides to detonate torps so gain altitude.

bigandclose.wav...Malcolm knows the next blast has to be bigger and closer to the Klingon vessel.

loadtwo.wav....Away team discusses how many torps should be launched.

whatwasthat.wav...On board the Enterprise they hear the explosions from the atmosphere around the Klingon vessel.

shesright.wav...Hoshi is right...detonating two torps at a time will not help gain enough altitude.

firethemall.wav...There are six torps left on the Klingon ship. Hoshi says "fire them all".

hoshicrushed.wav...HOshi "Look, I didn't come all this way to get crushed in the atmosphere of some anonymous gas giant".

braceself.wav...The away team is read to detonate all the torps.

torpsarmed.wav...Great detonation sound effects.