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Interstellar Explorers Guild
Enterprise NX-01 - Page 16

Brought to you by the Commodore's Ready Room.

probegone.wav...Enterprise still trying to save away team. The probe is gone. Good sound effects.

portfusinj.wav...Still on Klingon ship, Reed recognizes a port fushion injector.

kshipscoming.wav...Enterprise has to get outta town before more Klingon ships arrive.

demandspeakcapt.wav...BukaH demands to speak with the Captain of the Enterprise.

nothingtodo.wav...Archer explains to BukaH that Enterperprise had nothing to do with whatever happened to her people.

flyoutthemselves.wav...Archer and Trip talk about how Malcolm and TPol may as well fly the Klingon ship out themselves.

raptrclass.wav...The Klingon ship is Raptor class.

klingoncaptlog.wav...This is long but very good. It is the log left behind by the Klingon Captain.

startedonbraces.wav...Archer "I don't think we're gonna get help from our friend in sick bay.>

nothardtodo.wav...As Archer and Trip translate what BukaH is saying, they hear her say that we have made enemies of the Klingons. Trip says "not hard to do".

neurotoxin.wav...Phlox confirms TPol's findings. There are neurotoxins present in the Klingon blood.

liar47.wav...During the argument between Archer and BukaH, she calls him a liar.

enemyklingonemp.wav...Who isn't one?

leavehimbehind.wav. Reed jokes saying how the one time you need your engineer you leave him behind.

fallintohands.wav...BukaH would rather the Klingon vessel be destroyed with the people onboard rather than let the enemy have it.

deadinwater.wav...Hoshi translates something on the Klingon vessel and Reed translates it as "we are dead in the water."

helppeople.wav...All Archer wants to do is help people.

comegetu.wav...Archer to TPol..."we are coming to get you".

bopreys.wav.... ahhh what is a bird of prey?